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Presented by The Citizens Against Golf Course Rezoning

Stop Golf Course Rezoning 

Richland County has many golf courses that are in financial distress including the recent bankruptcy & sale of the Golf Course of South Carolina at Crickentree. If Richland County Council and the Planning Commission allow housing to be built on the Crickentree golf course, it will set a precedent that can never be erased, making all golf courses in Richland County vulnerable to housing developments. The solution is for the public to get involved and let County Council and the Planning Commission know how we feel about keeping golf courses as green space under the current zoning of TROS.


Richland County Council has initially approved the zoning request with a vote of 7-3.  The request is for RS-Low Density which would allow 3.63 homes per acre (Up to 650 homes). 




September 17 - 6:00pm

Richland County Council

3rd Reading & Vote

2020 Hampton Street



WEAR RED to meetings

so County Council can see the numbers of supporters in attendance.


iHeart Media PSA 4/23 meeting -
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iHeart Media PSA -
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Video of Richland County

Council Meeting

March 5, 2019

(Begin watching at 48 minute mark)


Purpose of TROS Zoning

In order to ensure the preservation of conservation, recreation and/or open space: and to lessen the diminution of property values from the loss of open space commonly provided for in a community; and to provide opportunities for improved public and/or private recreation activities; and to provide for a community-wide network of open space, buffer zones, and recreation spaces.